Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NEW Special deals!!!:)

If you actually click the "follow/subscribe" button for my blog, you get 20% off 1 item if you buy 2 or more items:) SO..... PLEASE click that button -----> ------> all you have to do is click it to follow my blog, and get the AWESOME deal!!!! So, current followers, since you helped me get started, if you request a catalogue (which is absolutely FREE), by emailing me (, you will also get this deal, So... basically if you order our FREE catalogue, you get AMAZING deals on you purchases!!! So TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US:) Thank you! Oh i almost forgot, if you comment on my blog posts... you get a special deal as well, so PLEASE comment, I NEED feedback on how i am doing, and what else I should do!!!:)

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